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Rhinoplasty Testimonial # 1

A primary rhinoplasty with dorsal hump, nasal obstruction, and bulbous tip.

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Rhinoplasty Testimonial # 2

A secondary rhinoplasty with severe alar retraction, hanging columella, and deformed tip.

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Rhinoplasty Testimonial # 3

Early post-operative result in primary rhinoplasty with dorsal hump, deviated nose, and bulbous tip. “After seeing handfuls of doctors for consultations, I heard Dr. Toriumi’s name several times. I was hesitant because he was in Chicago but I figured hey, I want to have this nose job once. From viewing his website, his credentials and…

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Rhinoplasty Testimonial # 4

This patient underwent secondary rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to correct a short nose deformity, alar retraction, and crooked nose deformity. Severe internal scarring complicated the reconstruction.

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Testimonial #5

This Asian patient was seeking augmentation with elevation of her dorsum and refinement of her nasal tip. Rib cartilage was used to elevate her nasal dorsum and refine her tip.

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Testimonial #6

This patient presents for primary rhinoplasty. She underwent dorsal hump reduction and correction of her bulbous nasal tip. She also underwent chin augmentation to help balance her lower face with the nose.

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Testimonial #7

A revision rhinoplasty after having had surgeries with four other doctors.

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Testimonial #8

Patient that underwent a previous rhinoplasty with right sided nasal obstruction and lack of tip definition.

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Testimonial #9

Patient with a deviated nose and deformed nasal bones with droopy tip and dorsal hump.

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Testimonial #10

Patient that presents with a deviated nose with severe loss of nasal tip support. She also disliked her bulbous nasal tip. Her nasal obstruction was severe and making breathing very difficult.

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