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Patient that underwent a previous rhinoplasty with right sided nasal obstruction and lack of tip definition.

“I had my first rhinoplasty procedure when I was 20 years old. At that time, I was after the aesthetic appeal and looking for more definition in the tip. Ultimately, I did not get the results I wanted and needed a revision procedure. As I did not want to go through multiple procedures, I spent hundreds of hours on the Internet and phone while researching, interviewing and consulting with different surgeons and staff. Seven years later, I discovered Dr. Toriumi’s practice. I did not have to wait for a year for a consultation (which was the case with the many surgeons featured on the shows, such as Dr. 90210) and the process was very straightforward and well-planned: consultation, fees/invoice, surgery date – all set within a week’s time. My procedure was completed within 45 days of initial consultation. It worked extremely well for me as I am a professional who works 70-100 hours a week. My procedure was long and involved a rib graft. However, I had no bruising and was able to return to work within two weeks.

I live out of state. And I am now 14 months post-operative. I enjoy the appearance of my nose and am fascinated by the continued changes. Dr. Toriumi and his caring staff – Jan, Patty, Pat and Michelle – made a profound difference in my life. To this day, I fly out to visit them for my follow ups. I highly recommend Dr. Toriumi to those patients who are looking for a natural appearance accompanied with improved breathing.”

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