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A revision rhinoplasty after having had surgeries with four other doctors.

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Toriumi to perform my 5th and FINAL reconstructive rhinoplasty operation in January of 2006. I was referred to Dr. Toriumi through a Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Specialist in Los Angeles. After seeing my pictures, he told me that my case was so severe that Dr. Toriumi was the only doctor that he’d trust to execute the surgery. There’s not a day that goes by that I am I not truly grateful for his advice.

Four prior surgeries had left my nose misshapen, crooked and collapsing. My skin is naturally quite thin, but the extensive operations over the years had thinned my skin even more, causing every bump to be visible. The four prior surgeries had also depleted all extra cartilage behind both ears.

My first appointment with Dr. Toriumi was an emotional one but I appreciated the candid discussion and felt like I’d finally found a doctor that I could trust. At the time, my nose was one of the most poorly constructed that he’d ever seen. Dr. Toriumi stressed the importance of the fifth surgery as my last chance to correct the mistakes. My skin and nose were in such fragile shape that they couldn’t undergo more than one surgery.

My surgery was very complicated and lasted nearly 8 hours. Dr. Toriumi performed a rhinoplasty which necessitated grafting cartilage from my ribcage. After realizing the damage was far more extensive than expected, Dr. Toriumi had to start from scratch and construct me a new nose. I’m extremely grateful that Dr. Toriumi took the time to do the job right, instead of making small fixes that would only last in the short term. His attention to detail and work ethic is unparalleled.

With each of my other doctors, the cast came off within a week and that was it, there was never a follow up. After my surgery with Dr. Toriumi, the level of care that I received was far superior to anything I’ve ever experienced before. The recovery was very easy and he and his team were there every step of the way. It’s been over 3 years since my surgery and I’ve met with Dr. Toriumi for check ups at least 30 times. Each visit he’s extremely concerned that we’ve achieved an end product that’s first and foremost functional and secondly in line my expectations of visual appearance.

Dr. Toriumi did an amazing job. I would recommend his services to anyone, regardless of if they’re seeking an initial surgery or reconstruction. The only thing I would’ve done differently is to go to Dr. Toriumi for my first surgery instead of my fifth.”

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