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This patient presented with nasal obstruction and droopy nasal tip with asymmetric nostrils. Her thick skin contributed to her amorphous nasal tip.

“I can honestly say Dr. Toriumi saved the quality of my life. He was recommended to me by an ENT who found I had a collapsed septum after two failed rhinoplasty surgeries by a Chicago area plastic surgeon. I consulted with the ENT because I was lightheaded and dizzy from an inability to breathe through my nose. After his thorough exam of my nasal passages, the ENT immediately said, “Who did this to you? There is only one surgeon who can fix it.” He called Dr. Toriumi’s office and made an appointment for me within a week.

As I walked into the offices of Dr. Toriumi, I felt very nervous and desperate. I had been through two difficult surgeries resulting in disfigurement and a collapsed septum. The warmth of the staff and demeanor of Dr. Toriumi set me at ease. I was amazed by the diverse group of patients in the waiting room. Some were from out of state with suitcases in hand, some were very young and others were quite older. All spoke in the same theme—Dr. Toriumi is the best.

As soon as I met the doctor, the psychological healing process began for me. He spoke with confidence about correcting my condition. My wishes and dreams were paramount to him. Photos were taken and computer generated pictures were presented to me for my approval. Changes were made based on my desires. I felt so comfortable with him that I decided to have blepharoplasty at the same time (excess skin removed from below my eyes.)

The results were a dream come true. I can breathe and my appearance is just as he projected. The post op care continues with the same concern as shown in my first appointment. Since my successful surgery, I have recommended Dr. Toriumi to several friends and family. In my opinion, he has magical hands and a unique and caring bedside manor. He has given me a breath of fresh air.”

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