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Patient that presents with a deviated nose with severe loss of nasal tip support. She also disliked her bulbous nasal tip. Her nasal obstruction was severe and making breathing very difficult.

“I was told by multiple specialists I consulted in Europe that a nasal reconstruction would be too complicated, and that they could not do anything for me. Fortunately, the last plastic surgeon I saw suggested in no uncertain terms that I should put myself in the hands of Dr. Toriumi. Well, that turned out to be the best advice I have ever received! Before Dr. Toriumi, I really thought I was destined to end up with the nose of a boxer, not to mention a lifetime of breathing problems and sinus infections. Now, I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I still have another year of healing to go. My experience with Dr. Toriumi and his very professional and friendly staff has been absolutely fantastic. It is often said that your face is your identity. I lack the proper words to truly convey my gratitude towards Dr. Toriumi. In a very tangible way, he has given me the chance to a fresh start with an improved identity.”

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