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Facial Plastic Surgeon

Facial Scar Revision Surgery

For scar revision surgery, Dr. Toriumi will consider many factors such as your skin color, type, and age, and the nature of the scar to determine your treatment prior to surgery. Different types of scars require different surgery techniques.

If you plan to have a Mohs surgery performed for a skin cancer of the face, ask your Mohs surgeon about repair with a facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Toriumi performs many complicated MOHs repairs. He would be happy to consult with your surgeon about your case.


To meet your ultimate goal, Dr. Torimui may recommend multiple procedures or techniques. In some cases, Dr. Toriumi may recommend surgery. Surgery could involve removing the scar tissue entirely. Healthy skin from other parts of your body can be moved or grafted to form a new incision line.

Dr. Toriumi also uses a method called Z-plasty to move a scar from one area to another, usually into a natural fold or crease in the skin to make it less noticeable. He also employs dermabrasion and laser resurfacing to make rough, elevated scars smoother and less visible.


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Post Surgery

Though your sutures will typically come out within days of surgery, your skin will need time to heal, so please follow Dr. Toriumi's explicit directions to heal as fast and comfortably as possible. You should plan on decreased activity after surgery. Dr. Toriumi may recommend activities to avoid and prescribe medication, if needed.

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