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Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are truly the “windows to the soul.”   If our face tells a story, the eyes are like its punctuation marks – showing what we feel and signaling our expression and engagement.  Tired eyes – often associated with excess skin on and around the eyelids – can produce a “frowned” look that communicates lack of expression or disengagement, even when that’s not at all what we’re feeling.  Some people are even prone to “aging eyelids” – with extra skin on and around the eyelids or bulging bags under the eyes – through heredity, even in their teenage years.

Eyelid surgery can make a difference in your expression and receptiveness, allowing your face to tell the real story of your emotions and expressions.  It can also give you a smoother, more rested appearance and a younger, more vibrant look.  It is often of greatest effectiveness done in concert with a facelift.

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These are example eyelid surgeries performed in combination with facelift surgeries.

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