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Nasal Surgery (Primary Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations in facial plastic surgery. The operation is difficult because every nose is different and the anatomy varies from patient to patient. As the anatomy varies so must the techniques used for correction. The surgeon must be able to perform a precise and complete nasal analysis to spot all of the aesthetic and functional deformities. Then the surgeon must formulate a surgical plan that is conceived to correct the specific deformities. It takes a great deal of experience to accomplish these steps. As a surgeon rhinoplasty practice matures, one encounters more of the different combinations of anatomy and is better able to effectively correct the problems at hand. More common problems such as a bulbous nasal tip and a small dorsal hump are less complicated to correct than the previously operated and severely over-resected nose. However, even the less complicated nasal surgeries require attention to detail and precision in execution.

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Revision Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Secondary rhinoplasty is much more difficult than primary rhinoplasty (no previous rhinoplasty surgery). Most patients undergoing secondary rhinoplasty require some degree of reduction and augmentation.

Ethnic Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Dr. Toriumi has expertise in Asian and other forms of ethnic rhinoplasty. These patients frequently have a deficiency in tip support and dorsal height. Dr. Toriumi strives for a natural look and uses computer imaging to discuss a proposed aesthetic outcome.

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