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This patient underwent secondary rhinoplasty using rib cartilage to correct a short nose deformity, alar retraction, and crooked nose deformity. Severe internal scarring complicated the reconstruction.

“Years ago I had surgery to straighten the hump but wound up with a pug nose that looked “operated on.” I disliked it but thought there was nothing I could do. The internet changed everything. I mailed my photo to a well-known Manhattan plastic surgeon and asked for advice. He recommended a rib implant by Dr. Toriumi and I took the advice. Dr. Toriumi reconstructed the tip and bridge using both ear and rib cartilage and it now looks like a nose again. He is a miracle worker and I will be forever grateful to him. Thank you, Dr. Toriumi, and thank you, Pat, Patty, Michelle and Janice!”
– D.O.

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