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Early post-operative result in primary rhinoplasty with dorsal hump, deviated nose, and bulbous tip.

“After seeing handfuls of doctors for consultations, I heard Dr. Toriumi’s name several times. I was hesitant because he was in Chicago but I figured hey, I want to have this nose job once. From viewing his website, his credentials and flying to Chicago finally for a face-to-face consultation, I knew he was the doctor for me. I loved the quote by him at the front desk where he talked about ‘the eyes should be the first thing a person sees on a face.’ For years, I felt like a nose. People would stare at it. There were so many insecure issues I had about facing people.

Besides the fact that I couldn’t breathe correctly from a severely deviated septum, I just didn’t feel good about myself. I felt like I had everything that could be wrong with a nose. Deviated septum, (one nostril was the shape of a circle, the other was the shape of a 1/4 moon) the bridge had a bump and it was crooked. There wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t self conscious about it. It really affected my social life.

Dr. Toriumi is an artist. He is my hero. I am so amazed at how I look now. I’m still within a year of post-op and I am so happy to fly to Chicago for checkups. He is invested in his patient’s followups. Yes, he does amazing work on the outside, but he is transforming people on the inside too.

Dr. Toriumi’s business card should read: Dr. Toriumi Facial plastic surgeon, Artist, Healer, Self Esteem Guru ‘Changing the world, one nose at a time.'”
– S.A.

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