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Primary Nasal Surgery III

Patients who undergo rhinoplasty with other sugeons frequently develop a pinched or over-narrowed nasal tip over many years.  In many cases, the nose will look good initially then get smaller and more pinched over time. This is because the swelling decreases and scar contracture occurs which results in further narrowing of the nasal structure over the patients lifetime. Secondary (revision) rhinoplasty patients frequently mention that their nose looked good when the cast came off but got worse over time.

Dr. Toriumi’s techniques make the nose strong and well supported. The nose will initially look large but will get smaller and better looking as time passes. This is particularly important in younger patients who have a lifetime of healing that will continue to make their nose smaller.

This younger patient had a bulbous nasal tip and dorsal hump. The dorsal hump was reduced and the radix was slightly elevated. With time the nose has become more defined yet the structure added to her nose will prevent collapse or pinching over time. The photographs show her two-year postoperative outcome.

Pre-Operative Photos

Post-Operative Photos

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