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Ethnic Nasal Surgery

Ethnic Nasal Surgery VI

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Ethnic Nasal Surgery V

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Ethnic Nasal Surgery III

This patient had a crooked nose with a large dorsal hump. His dorsal hump was reduced and his radix augmented to provide a straighter profile. The patient had larger nostrils that were reduced to provide a more normal alar base. Some degree of ethnic contour was preserved in this patient as well. The photographs show…

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Ethnic Nasal Surgery II

This patient underwent previous surgery in the Orient and had erosion of a silastic implant through the skin of the nasal tip. This left a depressed scar over the nasal tip and a lot of scar tissue. The patient underwent a secondary rhinoplasty with placement of a costal cartilage rib graft to her bridge and…

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Ethnic Nasal Surgery I

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